Highly Volatile Market

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In last two weeks, the volatility in the market has increased many folds. It has become very difficult for the traders to decide on the direction in which they can invest or do intraday trade.

Both national and international news doesn’t seem favourable for share and commodity market. It seems that international economies are standing at the brink of another recession or meltdown.


If we took a look on the national scenario, things are not turning in positive direction. Factors like increasing inflation rates, high interest rates, decreasing foreign investment, weakening rupee against dollar, frightened investors, increasing exposure of more and more ministers involved in scandals etc are playing a big negative role in affecting market sentiments.

Both Sensex and Nifty are touching new low levels of last two years. The supposed safe haven gold also suffered badly in past three weeks and its prices has fallen 20 percent from a record high on 6th September. Silver prices has been hit even more badly and it has touched 46000 from 65000 three weeks ago. It is been down by 45 percent from its high levels of April this year.

The metals such as copper, nickel, aluminium etc have also fallen very badly. Copper has fallen from 422 level to 345 level in last three weeks. Nickel also has shown a very steep fall from 1027 to 845 levels in last three weeks. It is believed that all this has happened in the metals because of supply pressure and reduced global demands.

Global markets such as USA’s Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Europe’s FTSE, Dax, Cac and Asian Nikkei, Hang Seng etc are showing strong downside movement. Crisis situation in Europe and USA is creating panic in the global markets. If the situation further worsens in these countries, it will further affect global market more negatively.

In this volatile market, it has become very difficult for the investors to decide the direction in which they can trade. Experts suggest that investors should stay away from making fresh investment in the market till the time it settled down and decide some concrete direction or can do intraday trading after analysing the global factors and can go with the momentum.



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